Gerry Amodio

* Education/credential B.S. Bentley College in Management/A.S. Bentley College in Accounting

* Current employment Ex. Director New Britain Downtown District

* How long you have been a board member and why you wanted to be a part of the organizationApproximately 4-5 years. I have always been interested in the workforce development of the youth of New Britain. Since the ‘70’s we have seen a deterioration of both work skills and life skills, and programs like OIC help to build and foster those skills. Today’s youth are faced with so many varied complications and interferences for normal development; expansion of programs like OIC can help to bring normalization back to their development. 

* Notable achievements 2017 New Britain Bar Association “Community Service Award” recipient; Past Chair-Community Foundation of Greater New Britain; Past Chair New Britain Boys & Girls Club; Past Chair New Britain Planning Commission

* Interesting fact or what you do in your spare time. We are “Chasing Maeve”, our 7 month old granddaughter, and trying to spend time with our children and spouses who are dispersed up and down the east coast.