Who We Are

Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) of New Britain is a non-profit (501(C)(3) nonprofit organization providing community services through federal, state and local funding sources. OIC New Britain is one of the city’s oldest providers of job training and career development services, offering career competencies are the soft skills needed for the world of work to ensure successful employees. 

Our Vision

The Opportunities Industrialization Center of New Britain, Inc. (OIC of New Britain) vision is to be a leader in empowering and enabling people to become self-sufficient.

Our Mission

 OIC New Britain helps people to help themselves by providing personal development.

Our Values

OIC New Britain is founded on a belief in the potential of every human being.  We believe that through encouragement, inspiration and training our participants will be inspired to become self-supporting and contributing members of the economy and society.

  • We operate with efficiency and effectiveness.

  • We are responsive to changing needs of the community and open to new methods of providing services.

  • We maintain respectful relationship with participants, community agencies, financial supporters, volunteers, federal and state governmental agencies and local businesses.

  • We maintain empowering and respectful relationships with all members within the organization.

  • We are dedicated to promoting the success of program participants.

  • We are persistent in the efforts to assist participants in becoming positive economic contributors in the community.

  • We are dedicated to improving the organization by developing its people and creating sustainable economic relationships.