Our Programs


Career Assessment

Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) provides basic skills (i.e.: reading & math) assessment and career interest inventories. 

Customers complete their assessments in small (i.e.: 10 or less) sessions or an individual basis, as needed. Typically, a customer will complete the appropriate assessment(s) in a single assessment session, receiving feedback on his/her reading and math scores and additional career exploration resources within the session. Referrals to Adult Education Programs are made at this time for customers who need to complete their high school diplomas or who need to augment their skills.

Primary assessment includes:

Basic Skills/Literacy
CASAS, Employment Competency System (ECS) Appraisal, Career Interest Inventories
Self-Directed Search (SDS)
Career Decision-Making System (CDM)



Fostering Opportunities, RESPONSIBILITIES, Education, and Learning

Fo'Real is an out-of-school program prepares youth 18-21 for the world of work. Skills learned are Basic Skills, Personal Qualities, Interpersonal/Communication, Customer Services, Computer Literacy, Financial and Job Seeking. 


Graduation Odyssey Plus

This 21st Century Community Learning Program designed for New Britain High School 10th graders reinforces the importance of graduating from high school with career competencies. Youth earn a 1/2 credit towards graduation. 



Gun Resistance Education and Training

This enhancement program addresses Youth Violence Pre-Vention initiatives for all OIC program.


Hardware City Bicycles

This program is designed for middle school boys ages 11 to 14. The program prepares youth for the world of work by teaching Career Competencies in addition to basic skills in building and fixing bikes. Youth are exposed to various professional trades.


Impact Program

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Moving Mountains / Sullivan Academy

Moving Mountains-Sullivan Academy program is designed to prepare 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for the transition to 9th grade. The program focuses on the Career Competency System, Drop Out and Team Pregnancy Prevention and academic enrichment.

The program is named after the founder of Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc., The Rev. Dr. Leon Howard Sullivan's book "Moving Mountains." This book emphasizes self-help, while encouraging youth to invest in their communities as volunteers and good citizens.

The Program Director is Patrice Hill.


OIC Advocacy program

This program provides clients will follow-up services after completion of an OIC New Britain program and job placement assistance. 

Services include: assistance with any job-related issues; public transportation costs (on an as-needed basis); referrals to other state or social service agencies when necessary.


Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program (SYELP)

This program prepares in-school youth ages 14-19 for the world of work by providing a tier system. Youth are able to gain the necessary work skills so they can become successful students and outstanding employees.

Tier I
Youth between the ages of 14 and 15 are provided with a career exploration program for 6 weeks. Students participate in various exploratory activities such as identifying a career field, completing job applications, preparing a resume and how to prepare for the interview process.

Tier III
This program operates the months of July and August and provides a paid work experience for New Britain in-school youth ages 15-19. Youth are placed on jobs for 6 weeks and work a total of 20 hours per week. Participants also complete a dream resume as part of their employment development training.

To participate in this program youth must be attending school in New Britain.