Paulette Fox

Paulette Fox was educated in the Hartford public schools, graduating from Weaver High School in 1968. One month after graduation, Paulette enrolled into Eastern Connecticut State University in their summer program for minority students.  Ms. Fox obtained a master’s degree in education administration from the University of Hartford. 

In 1975 she accepted a position as a daycare teacher and after a few months was asked to take over as a head teacher.  In 1981; after several years of exceptional teaching and leadership skills she transitioned into the role of Assistant Director and eventually accepting the role of Executive Director at one of Hartford’s largest Day Care Programs.  After several years of serving in that role, Paulette applied for the position of Executive Director for one of the oldest Employment and Training Programs in the country and in 1985 she became the first African American female Executive Director of the Opportunities Industrialization Center of New Britain. 

As Executive Director of OIC of New Britain, Ms. Fox is committed to the advancement of the underserved youth and adults of New Britain. Working with local educators, developing partnerships with businesses and other organizations have helped to maintain vigilance in our efforts to assist those who most need help.  It is with this collaboration that we have been able to achieve many of our goals, realizing that there are many challenges facing our clients and our community.  However, we continue to move forward with the hope that the support and the partnerships that we have developed will be sustained as we seek additional support and partnerships to assist in our mission of “unlocking doors for career and employment opportunities”

As we continue our commitment to preserve and enhance the legacy of Reverend Dr. Leon Howard Sullivan by providing on-going services to move toward self-sufficiency, our hope is to develop a strong connection with other entities that will assist in this great challenge.  We especially look to employers in health care, food preparation and culinary arts, businesses, social services, education and other organizations.   Our goal is to “help people help themselves”.  Making a difference in our community and in the lives of its citizens in these difficult economic times continue to be paramount in our efforts as we move forward.