Edwin Dejesus

Edwin Dejesus


Bachelor degree in Biological sciences., Master’s in Education, Masters in School Counselling, working toward License Professional counselor(LPC), 3rd degree Black belt in Karate, Former Karate/kickboxing instructor and MMA trainer.   Current head adviser to both the Man-Up and Strength Leadership programs at NBHS.

Current employment: 

New Britain High School

How long you have been a board member and why you wanted to be a part of the organization: I think close to 10 years.  I wanted to become part of it because of all the good things I had seen over the years that OIC has does for our schools (especially with the after-school programs).  They understand the importance of the holistic development of students and keeping kids engaged.  I also joined because of Paulette Fox and Gerry Springer (board members).   They gave me my first opportunity, over 23 years ago, to enter the New Britain Education system, first through Adult ED. (Fox) and Slade Middle School(Springer). They took a chance with me and became my first bosses. I will never forget that.

Notable achievements:  Teacher of Year at Slade Middle School (2001-2002). # 1 rated full contact Karate fighter in New England(1986-KRANE), Perfect attendance (22 years), and two beautiful Children.

Interesting fact: Still work out in the morning with students (before school). Ran, and still run, 2 to 3 after school programs since being hired in 1996. Still train fighters, once in a while, in Kickboxing/MMA.  Still have all my original teeth(lol)??